BACE-C – Chiropractic Management of the Older Patient

The CRC is delighted to be funding the UK-arm of this large, international study, the first of its kind investigating chiropractic management of low back pain in the older adult.

Low back pain is a common problem in older people, and older patients often make up a significant proportion of the average chiropractor’s case-load.

However, older subjects are often excluded from research studies, so there is a significant lack of knowledge and lack of data regarding the course and characteristics of low back pain in this population.

We would urge all UK chiropractors to participate in this important study which will, ultimately, improve our understanding and provision of care, and perhaps more importantly the health, mobility and overall wellbeing of older adults. (Watch this space for further details!).

We wish all the researchers the best of luck with this important study, but in particular to CRC-funded, UK researchers, Prof. Dave Newell, PhD and Dr. Jonathan Field, DC, PhD.

We can’t wait to read the results!