Do you treat patients who are 55 years or older?

The older patient cohort has, historically, been excluded from research studies due to their often complex histories, multiple complaints and comorbidities, but it is a patient cohort that makes up a large proportion of the average chiropractic clinician’s patient list. Hence we are delighted to be supporting BACE-C, a multinational study exploring the management of back pain and musculoskeletal conditions in the the older patient, conducted by a team of researchers in Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden and here in the UK with experienced clinical researcher Jonathan Field. 

As part of this large project, Swedish chiropractic researcher, Cecilia Bergstrom is conducting a qualitative study to explore chiropractors’ experiences and perceptions regarding the treatment and care of patients 55 years or older, with musculoskeletal complaints. This project has been approved via AECC University College Research School of Chiropractic Research Panel (Number: SOC-0422-014). The Swedish Ethics Review Authority has assessed that the project does not involve any processing of sensitive personal data (record number 2021–04732).

Cecilia Bergstrom

Data for this study will be collected through in-depth interviews on Zoom and are estimated to take approximately 1–1.5 hours. Audio recordings of the interviews are recorded with your consent. We will conduct the interviews in Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, and the United Kingdom. The interview will be performed in English. 

Those of you who would like to participate should contact Cecilia Bergstrom for further details ( No prior research expertise is required.