A wonderful weekend in Oxford, presenting at EBC’19, Evidence Based Chiropractic, on the World of Research and the vital role that we chiropractors have to play in Public Health, Prevention and Wellness.

We’re often the only primary health care practitioners that our patients see in a long time. As such, we have an educated, and important, role to play in the health and wellbeing of our patients, in addition to the management of their primary complaint. This ties in beautifully with the ‘holistic’ and patient-centred approach that we chiropractors have taken with our patients for many years and it also ties in with the Public Health initiatives conducted by national and international bodies e.g. Making Every Contact Count from PH England, and the WFC’s white paper on public health.

It was also a great opportunity to highlight some of the work that the CRC is doing to support researchers and build UK chiropractic research capacity: the ‘PERC’ programme, an interdisciplinary new-graduate internship scheme conducted in affiliation with Versus Arthritis and 6 leading UK MSK institutions; PhD studies investigating the implementation of chiropractic care into existing NHS MSK care pathways; funding of projects into care of the elderly patient; and funding of the 5-year Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Southampton. All of these initiatives provide unique, multidisciplinary collaboration with the wider healthcare research community.

None of this work would be possible without the generous support of UK chiropractors, particularly those from the BCA. If you’d like to find out more, please visit the CRC website. https://crc.a2it.co.uk/donate-2/

Thank you to Lawrence Dawson for putting this excellent event together, and to all those of you who attended – either in person, or via live-streaming!