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ECU Conference – 26-29th May 2022

Crc Uk / Awards  / ECU Conference – 26-29th May 2022

ECU Conference Utrecht, Netherlands, 26-29th May 2022

The European Chiropractic Union (ECU) conference was finally held face to face in May of this year after 2 years of delay due to Covid. Professor Dave Newell said ‘It was wonderful for many of us to finally catch up with friends and colleagues after so long and to be representing my own institution, and of course the Chiropractic Research Council who have funded a number of ongoing research projects’

Starting with the first day of the conference, Professor Dave Newell gave a platform presentation titled Attitudes and beliefs of health professionals concerning chiropractors and the chiropractic profession: A Systematic Review. This was part of an ongoing CRC funded project connected with his post as visiting senior research fellow at the University of Southampton supported by funds from the CRC. 

Breakout sessions were also available where both Professor Newell and Marc Sanders, a CRC funded PhD student at the Medical School in University of Southampton presented posters of ongoing research activity. 

Finally, Professor Newell delivered an invited platform presentation titles When words matter: Placebo and contextual factors wrapping up a session which included prestigious talkers, Raymond Ostelo (Professor of Evidence Based Physiotherapy, department of Health Sciences (VU University, Netherlands) and Michael Reneman (Professor of Rehabilitation. at University of Groningen, Netherlands.

CRC was delighted to see these two CRC funded researchers flying the flag for chiropractic research at one of our preeminent European Chiropractic Conferences and look forward to further research results as some of our funded studies mature.