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Appointment of Jonathan Field

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The CRC is delighted to announce the appointment of Jonathan Field, DC, PhD, as Research Fellow at the University of Southampton.

After a rigorous selection process conducted by the University of Southampton, Dr Jonathan Field will commence this CRC-funded, two year, part-time post, in just a few weeks’ time. Housed within the Department of Primary Care and Population Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, at this prestigious institution, this position will enable Dr Field to work within an established international and multidisciplinary team of distinguished healthcare professionals and researchers.

Dr Field will be investigating the implementation of chiropractic care within existing NHS care pathways, as well as exploring the potential of new roles, such as First Contact Practitioners, in the delivery of musculoskeletal and spine care services in primary practice. This research is not only hugely relevant to the chiropractic profession, but is highly impactful to the wider healthcare community as it explores effective ways to ease the burden that MSK and spinal complaints place on our already overstretched healthcare systems.

An experienced clinical researcher, Dr Field brings a wealth of clinical research expertise, particularly in the field of chiropractic, PROMS and delivery of MSK care, to the existing MSK research team at the University of Southampton. This team is made up of a network of national and international researchers, and includes Professor Dave Newell, whose five-year post as Senior Research Fellow is also supported by the Chiropractic Research Council.

With his expertise, Dr Field will be able to ‘hit the ground running’ in order to maximise research output, publications, grant applications and funding opportunities during his two-year role. This will help to further the CRC’s goal of building UK chiropractic research capacity enormously, and will do so within a rich, interdisciplinary research environment at a very prestigious institution.

Congratulations Jonathan, and may we wish you the very best of luck in this exciting role!