SEARCH – CRC Call for Funding Applications

As part of a new CRC strategy, we will be focusing on supporting research expertise development and training within the UK profession. The first call will be focused on chiropractic students presently undergoing training in UK based GCC accredited programs. In this scheme (Supporting Early Academic Researchers in Chiropractic (SEARCH) we are keen to identify and select students who are interested in becoming part of an existing research project/team within their institution, to acquire research experience over an 8-week period over the summer (Mid-August to end September 2023).

Supporting Early Academic Researchers in Chiropractic (SEARCH) 

Costs: Four student places will be funded at £1,500 per successful application. 

Eligibility: Students presently registered on a UK based GCC accredited chiropractic program. Applicants should be either undertaking their chiropractic training, in any year of the course above year 2 OR recently completed their training (i.e. finished clinic or clinical placements). They should also available over the award period of 6 weeks for no less than 15hrs per week. The application form is found in Appendix A.

Application and closing dates: Applications are due by midnight July 14th.  Applicants will be notified by the end of July for a start date of 14th of August. A report to the CRC is due by the end of September 2023 on the template found in Appendix B.

Funding: The CRC will fund £200 per week for 6 weeks as a stipend to the participating student. The CRC will additionally fund travel, accommodation, and registration at a UK based chiropractic conference/event within the same year as completing the work up to a cost of £300. The CRC would encourage the academic team to provide opportunities for scientific publication for the student linked to the work carried out. The grant will be awarded to the academic lead of a team/group that the student joins.

Academic Support: A lead academic heading a research project, research area or research team would provide a letter of support for the applicant which will explain how they and/or the institution will provide support and exposure to research methodologies, data collections skills, writing skills and presentation skills. This will need to be submitted as an institution headed document signed by the academic and their immediate line manager.