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When it comes to the CRUNCh…

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The CRC is delighted to be funding a project to explore the feasibility and set-up of a Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) in the UK. The study, conducted by AECC University College researcher and CARL Fellow Michelle Holmes, will initially investigate how to establish a PBRN within the UK chiropractic profession. She will be exploring the views of practitioners, researchers, and stakeholders involved in setting up existing international PBRNs.

This first phase of the study will underpin the development and launch of a Collaborative Research UK Network for Chiropractic (CRUNCh). Once established, CRUNCh is intended to substantially develop UK chiropractic research capacity and enhance research activity by providing opportunities to: collect clinical data on a large scale, facilitate research projects, and disseminate research output to the wider chiropractic profession.

So, when it comes to the CRUNCh… chiropractic research really matters!

For further details about this study, please contact Michelle at