Launch of Research Annual Fund Support (RAFt)

Our new Research Funding strategy will be focusing on supporting research expertise development and training within the UK profession. However, we are cognisant that ongoing research projects, research initiatives and/or research activities, conducted by individuals who are not necessarily looking for training or acquisition of named qualifications (e.g., M.Res, PhD) are also key to developing a research presence in the UK chiropractic profession. Some of these research activities may be new, some ongoing and some complete, but the CRC is acutely aware that there is very limited support for not only such projects themselves but for the connected activities that may accompany research work and productivity.

As part of our wider plan therefore, we are calling for applications for a capped annual fund, the Research Annual Fund support (RAFt). In this scheme we are keen to support a wide range of activities including, but not exclusive to, small to medium research projects (or part thereof of bigger projects), and research dissemination costs (e.g., conference attendance, poster or publication costs, travel support).

To apply please download the application form here